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Personal Development Workshops

The latest CIPD survey into national Learning & Development practices identified that 51% of public sector bodies expected to see their L&D budgets cut over the coming 12 months. Organisations identified ‘instructor led training’ as the main service most likely to be reduced to meet this challenge. However, as organisations try to maintain service delivery, they need their staff to be more productive than ever and so there is a strong argument that staff development has never been more critical. Creating a culture where individuals take greater personal responsibility for their own development will be an essential step in helping to rise to this challenge.

We provide bespoke Personal Development Workshops that can be tailored to the needs of the organisation. With a focus around promotion and support for selection processes and how to embed and adopt a culture of personal development our short workshops are ideal for forces to improve motivation, morale and culture whilst providing benefit to the individual - giving them time at a structured event to consider their career aspirations and how they can contribute to organisational effectiveness.


Our Personal Development Workshops are developed to meet with the organisation’s needs. Key benefits of our approach include:

  • Input contextualised around specific organisational drivers.
  • Help to communicate clear messages about the changing expectations and culture around personal development across the policing sector.
  • Guidance and challenge for individuals around the importance of developing self-awareness and taking personal responsibility as underpinning concepts for personal development.
  • A guided introduction to the Personal Development Planning cycle supported by practical activities and documentation to aide engagement.
  • An exploration of practical techniques in providing and seeking feedback linked to informing personal development planning as well as responsibility towards the development of others.
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